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Encouraging US millennials to explore England’s Historic Cities

England Originals: England's Historic Cities
Brand identity

In a rapidly growing global tourism industry, we were tasked with creating the brand positioning, name and identity for a world-class English tourism product to encourage more US millennials to look beyond London and explore regional England and its historic cities.

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With funding from the UK Government’s £40 million Discover England Fund, England Originals brings together 15 of England’s top ranked historic cities, along with the City of London, and presents them in five inspiring multi-destination trips by rail, that are hassle-free and easy to book.
Partnering with Brand Consultant Martin Carr we developed a brand positioning and name which focussed on ‘authentic, off-the-beaten track exploration’ which balanced the appeal of heritage and fun.
The identity concept is based around ‘exploring the path less travelled’ and communicates the unique, original, one-of-a-kind experiences that England’s historic Cities have to offer. The solution was an eclectic, type based identity which brought out the individual characters of the cities and highlighted the uniqueness of the five different routes.
As knowledge of England’s Historic Cities with the younger US audience was low, the challenge for the identity was to paint a clear and exciting picture of England’s heritage offer, packaging up England’s historic places and stories, bringing them to life in a relevant, modern and engaging way.
Along with the visual identity, Edit_ have worked with England’s Historic Cities and their delivery partners on launch materials and the ongoing implementation of the new brand. Highlights include a website created and hosted by visitlondon.com, and promotional videos, an app and a table top augmented reality experience currently being designed and created by Hex digital.

We were impressed with the team’s approach to identifying a brand name, visual style and tone of voice and the end result is exciting our partners and our customers. It puts us in a great position as we now take the new product to market in the US.

Melanie Sensicle
Project Director, England Originals