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A modern look to sports management

Murdock Sports Group
Brand identity | Website design

Murdock Sports Group is a sports consultancy currently specialising in the management of footballers careers both on and off the pitch. We were tasked with renaming the company to allow for its growth into other areas of sport in the future and to create a new, modern identity helping them to compete with a large influx of young, start-up agencies.

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Our solution was to adapt the name to become Murdock Sports Group (MurdockSG for short) and create an identity based on the letter M. The M was designed to represent a book, referencing the concept of ‘having clients on their books’ but also as a nod towards the knowledge and expertise of an agent who is a qualified lawyer.
Supported by a simple look and feel we used the M as a central anchor to visually create two sides to represent the two sides of an agent to a footballer, aiding their careers on and off the pitch. A visually simple colour palette gave them confidence and an established look and feel which was rolled out across all brand touch points including a complete redesign of the company’s website.
Created in collaboration with:
Alex Hardy