So much of our work depends on the positive energy of our team. Happiness is one of our core values and that ensures we always create work that we really love, work that makes people feel good and empowers them to do something. So we asked our team how they stay positive, even on a dreary January day.


“Each of our projects is different and we do what’s going to deliver the most impact for our clients, whether that’s encouraging people to visit a gallery, explaining difficult concepts or helping people to do something really special for themselves or the world around them.

It’s always in our minds, we’re not designing for the sake of it. We’ve got to deliver what our clients and audience need. It gives us a real focus and this is recognised when we get feedback on successful campaigns. That they really made a difference.”
– Ade


“At EDIT there’s a nice studio dynamic, we respect each other as professionals but are also all friends. We’re always learning from each other and bouncing ideas around to come up with fresh, energetic new work that we all love.”
– Jay

“We keep everyone involved and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We can be open and say what is and isn’t working. Then work together to find a solution we all believe in. No one individual owns an idea. It comes from all of us.”
– Ade

Stay positive

“We create work that exists in the real-world. The work speaks to real people and we’re really aware that we have the power to spread a little joy. That’s why we’re so passionate about the work we do. We hope that shines through.”
– Liv

“We really care about the organisations we work for. We really get to know them and the people we work with and with that comes a real enthusiasm, to think differently, to bring that knowledge and understanding to life in a unique way.

We’re speaking directly to the audience, connecting with them saying, “guess what?” or “take a look at this!”. We try to find the positive in everything.”
– Ade