It starts with one

One Million Mentors


The challenge

One Million Mentors is a unique, community-based mentoring programme that works across the UK with the aim of improving social mobility by connecting one million young people with one million mentors. Following a complete overhaul of their digital platform, we were tasked with creating a new visual identity to help build brand awareness and recognition, raising their profile and much-needed funding and support from within the highest levels of government and industry professionals.

The solution

We needed a brand that could deliver social change…at scale. Therefore, based around the idea of ‘it starts with one’, we created an identity that quite literally starts with 1. The scalable brand has been designed to communicate the simple idea that one thing leads to another…‘if you give one young person the right guidance and the right opportunities, they will thrive. One young person. One mentor. One to one. One hour a month. One great opportunity. One life changed. Amazing idea right? Well, imagine that times one million’.