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GREAT Scholarships Study UK

The Study UK campaign, delivered by the British Council in partnership with the UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign, aims to encourage people to visit, invest and study in the UK.
As part of this, their GREAT Scholarships scheme, offers students from 15 countries the opportunity to study at a UK university with a grant towards their tuition for a wide range of one-year post grad courses. Run by the Study UK team, to be selected for this scholarship is a big deal, with only 210 places awarded this academic year.
As an international student, a scholarship to further your studies abroad is a huge achievement, one that opens up many opportunities, furthering education and career prospects. GREAT scholars join an amazing community of students when they come to the UK and are invited to a prestigious networking event at the end of the academic year.
Although moving here to study is an exciting opportunity it can also be a daunting one, leaving your home, family and friends and adjusting to a new language, culture and foods – not to mention the weather forecast!
So, when we were approached by British Council to help with their 2024 GREAT Scholars recruitment campaign, we took great pride in our own opportunity to combine our many years of higher educational experience with our knowledge and understanding of international audiences.
Working with the Study UK brand, we evolved the existing identity, creating something more dynamic, playful, engaging and appealing to the audience demographic, developing a suite of assets for three, quite different stages of the campaign…

GREAT pride

Our first task was to create an engaging video, helping to put potential scholars at ease, with a warm, welcoming and multilingual insight into what it means to be a GREAT Scholar. We aimed to celebrate the incredible diversity of the UK’s higher education international community, communicate the benefits of a scholarships and utilise the personal experiences of current international students. Building on the GREAT language, we also celebrated all things GREAT awaiting the scholars when they arrive, from the personal viewpoint of their peers.

GREAT success

Along with a suite of social assets, the grand finale of the project saw us designing and dressing the venue for the prestigious networking event, the culmination of the academic year which brings together universities, scholars and alumni from across the globe to celebrate their achievements and the life changing impact of a GREAT Scholarship.
We really wanted to create an event that would do this year’s students proud, with touches such as a huge welcome in every scholar’s language, a personalised VIP ID badge, celebratory selfies and even a GREAT goody bag, honouring each scholar with an event to truly celebrate their GREAT success!
Created in collaboration with:
Design – Dave Wharton