On the Wall

National Portrait Gallery


The challenge

Since Andy Warhol first used his image in 1982, Michael Jackson has become the most depicted cultural figure in visual art by an extraordinary array of leading contemporary artists. ‘Michael Jackson: On the wall’ was a landmark exhibition by National Portrait Gallery exploring the challenging, untold story of Michael Jackson’s influence on contemporary art. The Gallery required an identity and multi-channel brand campaign
for the exhibition which would attract a diverse range of audiences from music fans to global art enthusiasts.

The solution

Taking influences from the graphics, feel and style of Michael Jackson’s album and poster artworks, we created a bold, challenging, ‘impossible to ignore’ identity which allowed the focus to be placed on the featured art and artists rather than Michael Jackson himself. Working alongside the Gallery’s Retail and Design teams, we also designed a range of exclusive fashion, accessories and prints inspired by the exhibition, as well as invitations for the exhibition launch.