Wellcome Connecting Science

Wellcome Trust


The challenge

Wellcome Connecting Science is based at the Wellcome Genome Campus and exists to help people to explore genomic science and its impact on research, health and society. Following a rebrand of the Wellcome Trust master brand, Wellcome Connecting Science needed to realign their visual identity whilst retaining their distinctiveness and individuality and remaining relevant to both scientific and non-scientific audiences.

The solution

Inspired by the unique architectural features of it’s location in Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, the logo redesign and refreshed brand identity centred around interlocking patterns. The three circles of the logo were an abstract representation of the interconnectedness of the organisation’s three key areas of focus – research, health and society. This was then supported by patterns inspired by biological structures, which were used to create a bright and energetic new brand which was designed to stand-out in a world of complex science, whilst also engaging public, non-scientific audiences with genomic science in an accessible, non-intimidating way.
Created in collaboration with:
Boardroom Consulting