Cambridge Institute for Medical Research


The challenge 

In order to attract more talent, support and funding as well as engage the public and patients in and with their work, the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research needed a new identity to reflect their new strategic vision and help position the institute as a powerhouse of exciting, highly relevant research into human disease – helping them to communicate their vital role in advancing human health and modern medicine. 

The solution

Based on the institutes focus on ‘the fine detail of human disease’, we created an identity that reflected the microscopic, molecular level of CIMR’s work, whilst juxtaposing this against the bigger picture, human impact of their discoveries. The identity provided an instant, visual metaphor for the institutes work in connecting molecular level research with the development of new medicines. Helping their wide ranging audiences from scientists and clinicians, to patients and practitioners, to appreciate the critical role the institute plays in understanding the molecular detail of human disease.

Created in collaboration with:
Boardroom Consulting