Together We Are Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh International Festival

Brand campaign


The challenge

Edinburgh is a world-famous festival city, attracting over 4.5million visitors every year to its calendar of 11 major festivals, 5 of which happen in August alone. Edinburgh International Festival is the original festival, the one that started it all. Founded in 1947 as a global celebration of performing arts, the festival has continued to champion artistic excellence and cultural curiosity, through a diverse programme of dance, opera, music and theatre.
In 2024, the festival needed a new campaign and expanded identity system that would help to reaffirm their positioning in a bustling festival eco-system and build brand awareness, recognition and understanding for wider culture audiences across Scotland. The campaign idea also needed to align with this year’s festival theme of ‘Rituals that unite us’ which promises a programme that will bring artists and audiences closer together than ever before.

The solution

Insights showed awareness was low and the festival’s offerings were confusing, overwhelming and intimidating to audiences who were less familiar with the festival. So, building on the festival’s strong core brand assets, we put its name front and centre, developing a simple, yet striking messaging system designed to help more people connect with the festival, understand it’s offer and create more compelling call to actions. Building on the 2024 Festival theme we developed the ’Together we are Edinburgh International Festival’ campaign, to celebrate the unifying power of live performance and the diversity of the programme. Communicating that whatever type of performance or experience you are looking for, there’s something for everyone at Edinburgh International Festival.
To help bring the campaign to life across its varied channels and improve brand visibility across all its touch points, we built on the core brand assets through an expanded set of graphic tools and assets, specifically designed to create a dynamic yet coherent campaign identity which translated seamlessly across print, digital and environmental design.
Created in collaboration with:
Motion – Matt Fowler
PR images – Build Hollywood