Love it for longer

Chester Zoo


The challenge

Inspired by the zoo’s zero waste commitments, Chester Zoo were hosting a summer long sustainability festival with a mission to educate visitors about the environmental benefits of a circular economy and inspire them to make better decisions about how and what they choose to consume and throw away. In order to attract a wide range of audiences, the festival needed a name, identity and integrated campaign to engage their audiences with a complex issue whilst still promoting a fun, memorable day out at the zoo.

The solution

Through a fun, light-hearted, ‘distinctly Chester Zoo’ approach, we totally embraced the ‘rubbish brief’. By re-using refuse and transforming our trash we built an identity and campaign that was 100% totally rubbish. From the stop motion animated animal characters, to the sound effects and instrumentals in the music track, we repurposed and re-loved all sorts of old rubbish to create an utterly scrap campaign.
Created in collaboration with:
Mighty Giant, GAS Music, Dave Forster