Hay Festival

A world of different


A festival of books, and so much more

Hay Festival Global, one of the world’s leading cultural charities, needed a new identity to unify the charity’s multiple editions, projects and social purpose under a core brand, highlighting its diverse programming, internationalism and positive social impact. Founded in the Welsh book town of Hay-on-Wye in 1987, Hay Festival’s new visual identity nods to its literary roots, whilst highlighting its global reach with a rotating logo – positioned on the same 23.5 degree angle as the earth’s rotation axis. The dynamic, multi-layered logo reflects the organisations many different “chapters”, including its festivals, forums, events, digital platforms and educational programmes, all over the world.

A world of different

Hay Festival Global’s new brand idea – led by the phrase “a world of different” – clearly expresses its purpose, inviting people into a world of different stories, ideas and new possibilities. It brings together diverse voices to listen, talk, debate and create, tackling some of the world’s biggest political, social and environmental challenges. Spanning the worlds of literature, art, science, politics, music and comedy, the “open book” identity is designed to broaden the organisation’s reach and people’s understanding of it, illustrating it as a festival of books, and so much more.

A world of colour

As well as firming its position as a global festival through its rotating logo, its ‘world of colour’ inspired palette is designed to allow individual countries to have their own six-colour palette, synonymous with their respective culture and social nuances. This means that different festivals can feel part of the Hay Festival Global master brand while retaining their own unique identities and fun, festival feel. Wider graphic assets within the identity – including infographics, agendas, and social media posts – echo the logo design, unifying the organisation’s festivals, projects, educational programmes, and digital platforms while representing the variety of angles, perspectives and views that the festival collates.

The start of a new chapter

Hay Festival’s new visual identity launched on 13 February, marking the 100-day countdown to the Hay-on-Wye event, which will be one of the first key roll-out projects for the brand campaign and onsite experience. Hay Festival CEO Julie Finch said: “We are delighted to share our new identity created by EDIT Brand Studio, underpinned by a year of audience development research, and aligned to our mission, vision and values as a charity. With just 100 days to go until Hay Festival 2024 in Wales, we are starting our next chapter with purpose and vision.”

Watch this space

The brand will continue to be rolled out across all the Hay Festival Global brands and its digital platforms. So watch this space.
Created in collaboration with:
Jennifer Tegg
Claire Rigby
Dave Forster
Sam Ratcliffe
Dave Wharton
Andrew Ross